All the World’s a stage

We create unique and extraordinary theatre experiences for children in our classes. We engage children in a number of exercises and activities that target specific soft skills viz. voice modulation techniques, concentration exercises, speech & expressions, confidence building, etc.

Benefits of Theatre for children
– Pumps in confidence
– Helps in public speaking
– Become an eloquent speaker
– Master usage of non verbal cues

Urban Serv had been the best decision I made regarding my child’s future….. I have made him join PD, Dance, Theatre…. And have seen a hell of a difference from a shy introvert child to a confident open up child… All thanks to their team.. Not to forget.. The environment is children friendly.. And staff is the best… They are so very good… That my child doesn’t want to come home… So in short it’s a second home for my child.. Urban Serv and myself both are doing his upbringing together… Thanks for the support Urban Serv..

Advik's Mother